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Over the years, we have observed a substantial transformation toward a world in which portable technology has firmly established itself as an indispensable tool. The COVID-19 pandemic challenged our perspective of innovative medical methods, such as the use of mobile x-rays.

Mobile x-ray offers benefits for providers and patients, such as cost-effectiveness, reduced radiation exposure, and increased convenience. Additionally, there’s a decreased risk of further injury to the patient. As an x-ray technologist, embracing this technology can prove highly beneficial, and collaborating with companies specializing in this service can open up even more opportunities. So, why should you work for a mobile x-ray company?


With mobile x-ray, your work as a technologist is safer and less time-consuming. Working for a company that
offers state-of-the-art digital technology is especially rewarding. In addition, mobile x-rays provide the following advantages:


Elimination of the lengthy preparation time required to set up the scanner room for examinations and administering anesthesia/sedatives to patients


Quicker, more accurate, and
high-quality results, reducing the need for repeat examinations

Risk Sign

Reduced risk of scattered radiation, common with traditional imaging devices. Specifically, the dominant digital x-ray technology helps minimize radiation exposure by up to 45 times.

You stay safe while reducing your time spent on each examination to as little as 10 minutes.


It's Not Like Your Average Day at the Hospital

Working exclusively as an x-ray technologist in a hospital setting, you may feel that your schedule could be more flexible. You may perform monotonous scans, or you watch other hospital/clinic technologists sit in a room pushing buttons. Afterward, you might review your diagnostic images, talk to patients and physicians about upcoming steps, and compile reports on your findings. Unfortunately, this routine can become tedious and repetitive.

However, with a mobile x-ray company, you infuse more excitement and variety into your workday.

Escape the confines of regular healthcare environments as you treat your patients from anywhere they are and avoid working in crowded medical facilities.

Each day offers a unique experience with a constantly changing workspace–varied routes, diverse individuals, and distinct challenges to overcome.

Working for a mobile x-ray company broadens your knowledge of the profession and exposes you to more experience as
an x-ray technologist.

SMX Woman looking at a x-ray machine


Now that you have learned what you can gain from mobile x-ray services, you might seek opportunities to practice in this field. First, however, there are some factors to consider.
No matter how efficient the mobile work experience seems, your success as an x-ray technologist depends entirely on your capabilities. As mentioned earlier, x-ray technologists can face unique challenges every day, such as:

  • The complexity of an x-ray examination determines how tricky your procedures are. This applies particularly to exams on body parts other than the chest region, as you may require additional equipment, such as positioning sponges and a detector holder.

  • Unconventional settings 

  • Being able to adapt to an ever-changing environment, as you will be at different locations with different patients, daily.
So what must you do to limit your challenges and gain the most from working with mobile x-ray? Recognize from the beginning that mobile x-ray technologists are, in fact, mobile. At SMX, we've got you covered with everything you need in this area. From top-of-the-line equipment to reliable company transportation, we ensure that you have all the necessary resources to deliver exceptional mobile x-ray services.


Success in the mobile x-ray industry requires you to think independently and navigate difficult situations effectively. While your independence is important, it’s just as important to find a company that will be a good fit for you — one that applies flexible workflows and policies to mitigate fatigue and scale the challenges of contemporary mobile x-ray applications.

Sooner Mobile X-ray is committed to providing the best equipment for maximum efficiency and safety while prioritizing employee convenience. If you seek a fulfilling work experience, explore employment opportunities around Oklahoma. Additionally, contact us for more information.